He is simply a master teacher.

J. Patrick Murphy, DePaul International (testimonial)


Whether it's a university classroom, a conference center, boardroom, or around a kitchen table, Mark's contagious enthusiasm, theatrical style, and sense of humor make his street-smart presentations come alive. No matter what the content - keynotes or customized presentations - and no matter what the duration, Mark is dedicated to the learner through spot-on teaching, engaging delivery, and give-and-take interactions. He was the highest rated professor in his school at DePaul University.

A naturally gifted outstanding teacher
in and outside the classroom
William Calzaretta, Ph.D., Former Interim Director, DePaul University,
School of Public Service
(teaching observation)

An absolutely superb faculty member.

Bud Baker, Ph.D., Former Chair, Department of Business and Intl Business,
Raj Soin School of Business, Wright State University (reference)

His classroom is a dynamic and educational environment.

Trent Engbers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science,
University of Southern Indiana
(teaching observation)

DePaul University Full Teaching Professor
School of Public Service
Spring 2016 Student Evaluations Data

Representative Student Written Comments


Emerging Leaders Program

Participants loved Dr. Light’s interactive workshops.
Mallory DePrekel, Manager; Learning, former Career and Volunteer Engagement, McGaw YMCA, Chicago (testimonial)


We all know how hard it is to find top performers for open positions. Wouldn't it be better to select from a ready pool of highly-motivated, knowledgeable, and talented candidates? Candidates that you already know are ready to advance? Fact is that the best way to recruit top talent is to have them in your organization already. Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program!


The ELP equips participants with pragmatic skills for success. Every ELP is tailored to the agency and the experience of participants. Think of it as an honors seminar for up-and-comers led by a top-tier trainer, a certified leadership coach, and a seasoned chief executive with over 20 years on the front-line and a Ph.D. in leadership and change. Each ELP consists of four half-day, hands-on learning workshops spaced apart by at least two weeks. Each workshop contains a mix of content, discussion, and hands-on practice. To support learning and provide accountability, each participant receives three one-hour coaching/advising/mentoring sessions.


Wow, what great energy!
Participant, Managing Conflict workshop, Community Foundation for Monterey County, CA (participant evaluations)


Sustainable Strategy Program

Don't miss this opportunity.

Matt Pieper, Executive Director, Open Hand, Atlanta (testimonial)


The Sustainable Strategy Program achieves powerful mission impact and bottom-line results for agencies. Subscribing to Michael Porter's advice that "the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do" (1996) and built upon Mark Light's Results Now book, the right answers come from five questions: Why, Where to go tomorrow, What gets done today, Who does what, and When did it happen.


The SSP is cohort-based action learning to build long-term organization capacity. Up to five agencies (each one brings as many as four top-level people) to learn about and build sustainable strategy for their agencies. Each SSP includes four all-day, hands-on learning sessions spread across a twelve-week period. Between sessions, participants receive on-site teaching, coaching, and training to support their work on "assignments" for the next session. In the last session, attendees deliver their final pitch to a panel of funders and influencers.


All – not most, not some – of the participants were enthusiastic.
Kathy Palumbo, Director of programs, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (testimonial)


The Strategic Board

Thank you for the tremendous job facilitating our Board retreat. You hit it out of the ballpark.
Daniel J. McCabe, Chief Administrative Officer, CareSource Management Group


The Strategic Board is one of Mark's most popular training and takes trustees to a new level of performance. In this this eye-opening and interactive workshop based upon his best-selling book, participants discover the Four Complaints, Seven Realities, Five Great Questions, and Two Easy Fixes of governance. In addition, participants will build rock-solid duties and standards of conduct for the board, board member, and the executive director. The retreat will also clarify what and how many committees should help the board accomplish its duties (hint: you can count them with one hand). Finally, board members will revisit the mission and generate ideas for future strategies. All in about six hours of highly energized activity that stays on topic, is fun, and accomplishes a great deal. 


Finding George Bailey
Wonderful Leaders, Wonderful Lives


He is underpaid and overworked, his organization lives from payroll to payroll, and he is saddled with hard working, loyal, but not always competent staff. He is George Bailey, the central character in Frank Capra’s classic It’s a Wonderful Life. In this uplifting and always practical workshop with film clips, Mark Light challenges the myth of the larger-than-life heroic leader and instead introduces George Bailey as a purposeful, strategic, driven, adaptive difference maker – a wonderful leader with a wonderful life. It’s year-round wonderful, but also a perfect holiday treat that delivers real results.


"You're a rockstar at our program!"
James Abruzzo and Alex Pino, Co-founders,
Rutgers University Institute for Ethical Leadership (testimonial)

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